Reviews: William G. Milliken


“This is an outstanding and long-overdue biography of a man who set the standard for how a political figure should behave in a civilized society. Anyone who wants to understand modern Michigan history—or who wants to know how our politics and government could be better today—ought to read this book.”


Jack Lessenberry

“. . . a compelling look at a rare political leader, known more for bringing people together rather than widening their differences.”


HSM Chronicle

“. . . the definitive look at a remarkable politician. . . . Anyone who deplores the confrontational, divisive, anything-to-win, downright tacky politics that mark our age should read this book. It reminds us that the original purpose of politics was to serve the people—not the candidates, not the pollsters, not the political consultants and backroom ideologues, and certainly not the political parties themselves. Somewhere along the way, our system got hijacked. Reading this excellent biography and learning from William Milliken’s example would be a good way to start reclaiming it.”


Rick Sullivan

Grand Rapids Press