Review: Great Lakes for Sale


Great Lakes for Sale . . . asks the questions we all should be thinking about as we consider Michigan’s future.”

Jean B. Eggemeyer

Dome magazine

“Makes a case for a regional effort to make sure these waters are not for sale to or controlled by interests outside the region. . . . provides a detailed history of the complicated nature of Great Lakes conservation and economic forces.”

“Dave Dempsey’s book is an important part of the effort to remind people why commercialization of Great Lakes water is a dangerous threat. It’s not simply a matter of how much water in the short term is bottled and shipped away; the long-term threat is control of water and the possibility that private interests will assert ownership of the very substance of the Great Lakes. This is an issue that could determine the fate of the Great Lakes. I encourage the millions who care about the Great Lakes to read and act on this valuable book. Our Great Lakes water must always remain a public resource in public hands. It’s a matter of prosperity, fairness, and survival.”


Congressman Bart Stupak

First District, Michigan