Reviews: Ink Trails


“A marvelous little book – the essays are fascinating, well done, and some of them are bound to surprise you – This lovely little book is an excellent reminder that Michigan is a lot more than some of its parts


Jack Lessenberry

Michigan Radio, August 24, 2012

“An historic trek across the state of places 18 literary talents lived and worked”


Michigan Blue

May 2014

“MSU alumni produce pager turners – shines the spotlight”


Casey Holland

The State News, February 4, 2014

“A great service to the state’s important literary heritage – wide-ranging and well-researched – highly readable – it is to be hoped that this volume will be followed by others”


Robert Beasecker

Michigan Historical Review, Fall 2013

“Captivating – this well-researched book is long overdue – ideal for anyone interested in learning more about our state’s great literary history”


Bill Castanier

Lansing State Journal, February 13, 2013

“A book that belongs on every Michigander’s shelf – after it has been devoured. I learned a great deal about several authors I’d long admired and more about fascinating people I have yet to discover. If you are looking for a new literary adventurer, Ink Trails is the path for you.”

Jack Lessenberry

Senior Political Analyst, Michigan Radio

Highlights nearly 20 authors with connections to Michigan – details the secrets, legends, and myths surrounding these men and women and their biographies”


Michigan History magazine

November / December 2012

“In this entertaining and well-researched book – the first of its kind – the secrets, legends, and myths surrounding some of Michigan’s literary luminaries are explored. This book is a rich literary history that highlights the diversity of those whose impact on letters has been indelible and distinctly Michigan.”


Michigan Notable Book


“The Dempsey brothers’ Ink Trails takes you on an amazing ride on the back roads and highways of Michigan’s literary history, visiting eighteen authors where they lived and worked.”

Bill Castanier

Editor of, Literary writer - Lansing City Pulse

“A source of pride – meticulously and lovingly researched. This book touched me, because it is so clearly a labor of love – for Michigan and for its culture, which has produced authors who have made lasting and significant contributions to the world of letters. I recommend it to all who want to know more about the literary achievements and accomplishments of Michiganders”

Frederick Baker, Jr.

Michigan Bar Journal, December 2013