The time has come to shut down Line Five. No more studies, no more excuses. If you’re a politician who talks about how much you value the Great Lakes, you need to back it up with actions.

My employer, FLOW, has built a clear and convincing case that the Line is a threat, that Enbridge has been a lousy steward, and that alternatives exist.

And consider this:

While Dynamic Risk predicted a 1 in 60 chance of pipeline rupture and release of 4500 barrels, this does not account for continuous damage to the pipelines over the 64 years they have been subjected to the effects of currents and gravity, causing bending, deformation, and potentially serious fatigue that could result in failure. As a result, the expected failure probability of Line 5 under the Straits is 46.4% in 2017 and 72.5% in 2053 based on the average failure rates for all DOT 195 pipelines from all causes, according to a July 21, 2017, analysis by Dr. Ed Timm.

Gambling with the Great Lakes, indeed.