While some deride the Trump Administration as clumsy and ineffectual beyond bombast, these critics are forgetting that an Administration is more than the White House.  The evidence suggests that a campaign to reverse environmental protection is succeeding at EPA.

“Together with a small group of political appointees, many with backgrounds, like his, in Oklahoma politics, and with advice from industry lobbyists, [EPA Administrator Scott] Pruitt has taken aim at an agency whose policies have been developed and enforced by thousands of the E.P.A.’s career scientists and policy experts, many of whom work in the same building,” the New York Times reports.

Don’t be fooled by the recent conversion of Pruitt to the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative. Money, even in tight budget times, issues from Congress like water from Niagara.  The Great Lakes will be punished by Pruitt’s regressive policies on climate change, wetlands and mercury pollution.

More on this subject soon.