You’re something, Lake Huron.

You have proven the most surprising of all the Great Lakes.

When I became your neighbor in August 2015, I was indifferent to you.  You were the Great Lake I liked least.   We were an arranged marriage.

You were the forgotten Great Lake.   You were the dog kept in a crate out back, an object of pity among the neighbors at first, then forgotten.

You were the undistinguished Great Lake.  Not the largest, not the warmest or coldest, not the most populated, not the prettiest.  Just an average Great Lake.

You had one thing going for you: water.  I adore water.  But this did not come to me right away.  Months had to pass.

And now I get it.  Living with you, I’ve learned your moods, your changing hues, the sound of your breath. It adds up to wonder.

You are real.  And you are Great.